V-Dart V threader tool

V-Dart V threader tool

(Edition: Breast Cancer Awareness)

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Similar specifications as our other V-Threaders, but with pink powder-coated stainless steel hook and pink thread. The Breast Cancer Awareness Edition draws attention to this way-too-common disease. For every pink V-Threader sold $2 will be donated to the Susan G. Komen Organization.

Tool retracts for compact storage and has a sharp hook at the end that snags your webbing, cord, or rope to guide it thru the V thread. To use, grasp the V-dart like a ball point pen. Bend the top with your thumb to expose the eye and push it out. Grab the tip (careful, it's sharp!) with gloved fingers or hook it and pull firmly to extend fully and wedge in place. To retract, squeeze the wedge and push the hook back into it's sheath. Rack on a carabiner when not in use. Also effective for clearing ice from inside the screw, retrieving gear from cracks & crevices, and removing hair from the shower drain. Specifications- Length closed: 5-5/8" (14.3 CM); Length open 10" (25.5 CM); Effective length open: 22 CM; Weight: 3/8 ounce (10 grams). Made of stainless steel, polyester-reinforced polypropylene, and polyester/nylon thread. Standard shipping is included in the price.

Product variations
Standard Stainless
Edition: Standard Stainless
$16.95 *
Portland Alpine Fest
Edition: Portland Alpine Fest
$16.95 *
Breast Cancer Awareness
Edition: Breast Cancer Awareness
$16.95 *
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