Firn is partially compacted granular snow that is the intermediate stage between snow and glacial ice. The minimum altitude that firn accumulates on a glacier is called the firn line.


Our product line offers items for alpinists and ice climbers: V-thread tools; ice screw covers; crampon wrappers for points protection; burynators for avalanche rescue practice, and other cool stuff.

All our products are designed and manufactured in the USA.


V-Dart V threader tool (Edition: Breast Cancer Awareness)

A retractable device to aid the climber to extract webbing, cord, or rope thru the ice V-thread. Attaches to a carabiner when not in use. Comes in Standard Stainless, Portland Alpine Fest (black), and Breast Cancer Awareness (pink) Editions.

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Cover Sheath for Ice Screws

Protective sleeve-type cover slips over ice screws and protects both threads and tip.

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Crampon Wrapper

A tough wrap for stowing your crampons to protect and cover the points and sharp edges. Lightweight, easy to use, free draining, either stuff inside your pack or lash to the outside.

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Noseshades Sun protection for your schnozzola. Fits on your sunglasses.

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